Self-doubt versus confidence

So there is an important distinction that needs to be made…

Self-doubt vs confidence.

These are NOT two sides of the same coin – even though there is a fair amount of literature out there that suggests they are.

Having self-doubt does not mean you ‘lack confidence’ – even though it feels that way.

In fact, self-doubt and confidence aren’t even related.

Confidence is a being state. Self-doubt is a thinking state.

Confidence is your natural default setting. It’s always there in the background, ready for us to tap into at any moment.

When we don’t feel confident it’s just because we have a lot of “thinking” (generally negative) about something. This thinking hides our natural confidence, like clouds over the sun, and makes us feel insecure.

Self-doubt is that “thinking”. It’s worries, second-guessing, fears, feelings of inadequacy.

It’s not grounded in fact.

It’s not pointing to our “lack” of abilities or worth or power or awesomeness.

Self-doubt DOES NOT mean you are lacking in confidence.

How can you, when confidence is always there in the background?

All that is happening when you feel self-doubt is, is you’re buying into and believing your worries, fears, and feelings of inadequacy.

And those fears are overshadowing and drowning out the feelings of confidence.

That’s all that’s happening.

Bottom line is, you’re still awesome.


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