What’s your superpower?

What’s your superpower?

It’s a question that’s bugged me for years and then one morning, all bleary-eyed as I was making my first cup of coffee in the dark it suddenly dawned on me.

In the past I thought I had to choose a strength like my determination.

Or a skill like my ability to communicate.

Or a personality trait like being supportive.

But I always thought they seemed so wishy-washy.

I was never “perfect” with any of them and sometimes they verged into vices.

And while they are nice-to-haves they don’t define me when taken by themselves or even all three combined together.

Because I’m more than that.

We all are.

We are more than a label or a trait or a strength or a value or a personality trait.

And that’s what I realised while making coffee.

My superpower isn’t a part of me.

It’s all of me.

It’s my power and potential and strength and resilience and inner wisdom on the inside.

It’s the fact I’m unique and different and bonkers and worthy and amazing.

My superpower is being ME.

Just as your superpower is being YOU.

Because you’re the only one who can do you and you’re magnificent.

Let the force be with you.


Through writing and speaking I empower women to believe in themselves so they can be the person they want to be and achieve their dreams. I point to the truth that we are stronger, more capable, more resilient and more awesome than we think we are.

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