Published work

I’m a qualified journalist from New Zealand, now living in London. I’ve been writing news and features for more than a decade, mostly on healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, and I am a former editor of British trade rag PharmaTimes Magazine. I now freelance, writing about adventure travel and health.

Here are some examples of my published work.


Kat’s Hot Peak Adventure” – Outdoor Enthusiast

Katrina Megget escapes the commuter treadmill with a grand tour of volcanoes Outdoor enthusiast article


Vesuvius casts a long shadow” – Otago Daily Times

Mt Vesuvius dominates the skyline of Naples and the surrounding Italian countryside, a reminder of its devastating effect on the town of Pompeii, reports former Otago Daily Times journalist Katrina Megget


Meet the fitness tracker obsessives” – The Telegraph

While tracking calories and paths is becoming par for the course, a new trend for extreme health tracking is emerging. But can you know too much about how your body works?


How 3D printing could revolutionise medicine” – Raconteur report for The Times

It has generated a buzz across multiple industries, now 3D printing promises to transform medicine and how we deliver healthcare


Roadblock on memory lane” – Chemistry World Magazine

The ability to wipe out traumatic memories is just around the corner. Katrina Megget looks into the science of forgetting roadblock-on-memory-lane-chemistryworld


Money from genes: CRISPR goes commercial” – Scientific American & Chemistry World Magazine

The new DNA-changing tech has attracted millions of dollars from AstraZeneca, DuPont and other big companies



Interview: Katrina Megget on hiking New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail and dealing with self-doubt” – The Great Outdoors Magazine

Katrina Megget: the well-trodden path which led to the challenge of a lifetime” – Limitless Pursuits 

What you need to know to go on a volcano adventure” – Travelling Lines

Parental expectations: the white elephant in the room” – Above Water


And a video of me, when I was at PharmaTimes Magazine, presenting at a Meet the Media event run by PR Newswire for healthcare PR professionals.