Published work

I’m a qualified journalist from New Zealand, now living in London. I’ve been writing news and features for more than a decade, mostly on healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, and I am a former editor of British trade rag PharmaTimes Magazine. I now freelance, writing about adventure travel, health, and walking the 3,000km Te Araroa trail down the length of New Zealand.

Here are some examples of my published work separated into healthcare/science publications and adventure/travel publications.


Once a thru-hiker, always a thru-hiker” – New Zealand Wilderness Magazine

You live, breathe, sleep a thru-hike – it’s your life for three, four, six months. But even after it’s finished and you’re back in the real world, the trails tattoo remains

Can Te Araroa Trail survive the influx of hikers?” – NZ Listener

New Zealand’s 3000km Te Araroa walking trail is becoming a major drawcard for hikers, but is it sustainable?

A former Aucklander rediscovers the city via Te Araroa Trail” – North & South Magazine

Many Te Araroa trail hikers bypass Auckland. Not Katrina Megget, who on foot rediscovered the contrasting personalities of her old hometown

A trail of two halves” – New Zealand Wilderness Magazine

Despite what you may have heard, the North Island section of the Te Araroa trail isn’t just mud and road walks, discovers Katrina Megget

Kat’s Hot Peak Adventure” – Outdoor Enthusiast

Katrina Megget escapes the commuter treadmill with a grand tour of volcanoes Outdoor enthusiast article

Vesuvius casts a long shadow” – Otago Daily Times

Mt Vesuvius dominates the skyline of Naples and the surrounding Italian countryside, a reminder of its devastating effect on the town of Pompeii, reports former Otago Daily Times journalist Katrina Megget

How scary is Waiau Pass?” – New Zealand Wilderness Magazine

It’s the second highest point on the Te Araroa Trail and the thought of Waiau Pass scares many trampers who brave these parts of Nelson Lakes National Park, Katrina Megget included

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Walking the Cheviot Hills – Things to know for walking newbies venturing into Northumberland National Park – ebook available for purchase on Amazon for £1.99

Narrative of my two-day walking adventure across England’s Cheviot Hills in Northumberland National Park. The book provides insight into what walkers new to the Cheviots should expect and it also provides need-to-know pointers for those preparing their first-time adventures in the Cheviot Hills, including information on: route finding; terrain; degree of difficulty; kit required; and facilities. Get your copy here


Even covid-19 can’t kill the anti-vaccination movementThe British Medical Journal

Will covid-19 finally vanquish the anti-vaccination movement or will it fuel the fringe community? Katrina Megget investigates

Meet the fitness tracker obsessives” – The Telegraph (republished on

While tracking calories and paths is becoming par for the course, a new trend for extreme health tracking is emerging. But can you know too much about how your body works?

How 3D printing could revolutionise medicine” – Raconteur report for The Times

It has generated a buzz across multiple industries, now 3D printing promises to transform medicine and how we deliver healthcare

Roadblock on memory lane” – Chemistry World Magazine

The ability to wipe out traumatic memories is just around the corner. Katrina Megget looks into the science of forgetting roadblock-on-memory-lane-chemistryworld

Money from genes: CRISPR goes commercial” – Scientific American & Chemistry World Magazine

The new DNA-changing tech has attracted millions of dollars from AstraZeneca, DuPont and other big companies


Why in the World Podcast discussing the Te Araroa Trail

Interview: Katrina Megget on hiking New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail and dealing with self-doubt” – The Great Outdoors Magazine

Katrina Megget: the well-trodden path which led to the challenge of a lifetime” – Limitless Pursuits 

What you need to know to go on a volcano adventure” – Travelling Lines

Parental expectations: the white elephant in the room” – Above Water

And a video of me, when I was at PharmaTimes Magazine, presenting at a Meet the Media event run by PR Newswire for healthcare PR professionals.