There is always hope

There is always hope – even when things are pretty bad, you feel down or the world seems out to get you.

Recently, I got engaged – yip over the moon!

But this was the last place I imagined I’d ever be.

Especially several years ago when I was with another man in an emotionally abusive relationship when I was deeply unhappy, stressed, paranoid, scared, feeling worthless, unsure of myself and my identity.

I honestly thought my world was ending. The options seemed bleak and very black and white.

I either stay and become a hollow shell of myself or try to leave at the risk of being killed (or so he threatened).

The hollow shell won for a long time.

But I did eventually get out and, touch wood, I’m still alive.

Not only that but I’ve forged a new path, found purpose and fallen in love with the most amazingly exceptional man who I am now engaged to.

In times of darkness the world can seem very black or white.

But there are many shades of grey. Many possibilities and opportunities that haven’t entered our consciousness until they are served up to us on a plate.

And there is hope.

You ARE stronger than you think.

You CAN pick yourself up when times are tough.

You CAN regain your power and find yourself.

You CAN tread a new path towards a new destination of YOUR choosing.

You CAN be happy.

And you CAN be loved for who you truly are, for the amazingness of just being you.

There is always hope because the tough times won’t last forever.

Believe in hope and you will always find a way.


2 thoughts on “There is always hope

  1. What fantastic news. We are so very happy for you both. You have tested your relationship in the most challenging way possible and you’re still together! Very best wishes to you both.
    With love, Lindsay and Judy.


    • Thanks Lindsay and Judy! Yes I figure if we can survive the rigours of walking the TA trail, 5 weeks in a yellow motel room together during lockdown and three and a half months on a 28-foot boat, we can get through anything!


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