You are incomparable

“There is no competition for you as you are unique.”

These were the wise words from a connection during an interesting conversation at the end of last year.

He had asked me to consider starting a podcast or webinar to share my story and tales of adventure.

I replied saying I had some interviews lined up for other people’s podcasts but I wasn’t really sure about starting my own because there was so much competition out there.

And that’s when he dropped the wisdom bomb 💣

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How to break through the “I can’t” to the “I can”

You know what it’s like.

There’s some goal you want to achieve but you just don’t think you can.

You think of every reason and excuse under the sun. You think of all the what ifs and fears and doubts. You latch onto that feeling of anxiety.

You just think you can’t do it.

But you’re stronger and more capable than you think.

You can break through the “I can’t” and turn it to an “I can”

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What comes first – bravery or action?

What comes first – bravery or action?

So often in our heads we think we need to be brave or confident before we can take action – I need to be more confident before I ask that person out on a date; I need to be brave/confident before I go for my dream job or start a business; I need to be brave before I can speak out on these controversial topics.

If we think like this we start looking for answers outside ourselves, we start looking for what can make us brave or more confident.

Like, a new lipstick will make me feel confident. More research and experience will make me feel brave and so on.

But it doesn’t work like this.

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