Volcano number 9: The boggy volcano (part 1)


The road stretched ahead of me, weaving its way into the lonely depths of Northumberland National Park. As the boyfriend and I strolled along, the click of my walking pole on the road, the rolling mountains of the Cheviot Hills rose up around us, luring me in with their promises of high adventure.

At this point, I had a spring in my step. I was outside the concrete confines of London, relishing in the sublime English countryside, setting out to climb my next volcano (number nine) in my #40by40 quest – albeit it was an ancient one, resulting from volcanic activity when the continents of Scotland and England crashed together some 350-400 million years ago.

I breathed in the pollution-free air. Apart from the sticky humidity and spittles of rain, it felt good to be alive.

That feeling lasted all of about two hours.

You can read more about my two-day walking adventure across England’s Cheviot Hills in Northumberland National Park in my ebook: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Walking the Cheviot Hills – Things to know for walking newbies venturing into Northumberland National Park. 

The book provides insight into what walkers new to the Cheviots should expect and it also provides need-to-know pointers for those preparing their first-time adventures in the Cheviot Hills, including information on: route finding; terrain; degree of difficulty; kit required; and facilities.  

The ebook is available for purchase on Amazon for £1.99. 

Get your copy here






Get your copy of the ebook here

10 thoughts on “Volcano number 9: The boggy volcano (part 1)

  1. Well done! I was lucky when I did it as weather was good with no low clouds and no rain. I was picturing Del trying to put on his waterproofs and found myself laughing at his jig!! Now for your next volcano!

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