Volcano number 9: The boggy volcano (part 2)


Day two of my ninth volcano, walking across the Cheviot Hills in England’s Northumberland National Park, and we were off. The rain of yesterday was gone, replaced by a gentle frost and lashings of lush sunshine. Now this was more like it.

My walking boots were still sodden from yesterday’s dismal weather and bog-hopping. Pulling on my cold, stinky, sopping socks that morning had given me shivers. I’d held the offending items at arm’s length, nose wrinkled, viewing them with contempt, before plunging my feet into their soggy centres. I admit, a whimper had escaped my lips.

But now, as we tramped uphill, my feet felt toasty – or as toasty as wet feet can feel. The second day of our adventure across the volcanically formed Cheviot Hills was to take us from Barrowburn back to Wooler via some summits. The original plan had been to include a few more summits but going on the day before’s poor time-keeping (and my poor fitness), I decided to scrap some that were more out of the way. Thus, our route was more direct.

Of course, that wasn’t taking into account the possibility of getting lost – and get lost we did.

You can read more about my two-day walking adventure across England’s Cheviot Hills in Northumberland National Park in my ebook: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Walking the Cheviot Hills – Things to know for walking newbies venturing into Northumberland National Park.

The book provides insight into what walkers new to the Cheviots should expect and it also provides need-to-know pointers for those preparing their first-time adventures in the Cheviot Hills, including information on: route finding; terrain; degree of difficulty; kit required; and facilities.

The ebook is available for purchase on Amazon for £1.99.

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Get your copy here

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