What’s it like to sail around Great Britain in a 28-foot boat?

So my fiance Mark only went and self-published an e-book on our experience sailing around the coast of Great Britain earlier this year.

It’s titled – A Voyage Around Britain in a small Yacht: A true and honest log of two everyday people sailing around the UK.

I’m incredibly excited and proud!

Of course I’m biased but even with my former magazine editor hat on I can say it’s a great little read (even if there is the odd typo).

When we first announced we were going to sail around Great Britain, I was surprised that quite a few people said to me they, or someone they knew, had always dreamed of doing that but they didn’t know how to approach it or they were worried about certain aspects, like sailing around Cape Wrath.

Starting is often the hardest part.

This book gives some great insights into what life is like being at the mercy of Britain’s weather and tides and being on a small boat for three and a half months.

It’s technical in places but covers logistics and the physical and mental elements of the journey – indeed, 90% of the sail was mental and challenging, and that’s something that’s not often discussed in other sailing accounts.

Mark is incredibly honest in the account of how he was affected mentally and you get a sense of the growth process he goes through.

I’m so proud of him taking on the challenge to follow his sailing dreams but also to write up his account and to put it out there for the world to read.

He highlights everything I believe – that we are stronger, more capable and more amazing than we realise.

So if anyone needs a (digital) stocking filler or a book to read over the festive period then head over to Amazon. It’s a bargain price.

You can purchase your copy here.

And please leave a review if you like it!


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