Interview with adventurer and adventure business entrepreneur Adelaide Goodeve


Meet Adelaide Goodeve!

Adelaide has travelled to far flung places before quitting uni and embarking down the entrepreneurial route to start up a European outdoor lifestyle brand that focused on women. Lilly Wild was born. It’s turned into a guide to apparel, gear and urban escapes for the courageous explorer and forum for adventure lovers.

 Here, Adelaide talks about rediscovering adventure.


What was the impetus behind embracing a life of adventure and setting up Lilly Wild?

I was always the odd one out at school as I enjoyed adventuring, but this part of me was watered down through GCSE’s and A Levels, and it wasn’t until I was ill with chronic fatigue syndrome for three years that I re-discovered adventure. The stories of Scott of the Antarctic, Shackleton, Amundsen and Apsley Cherry-Gerrard captured my imagination and then I found Al Humphrey’s blog and Explorers Connect. I realised I wanted adventure to be a big part of my life again and that was my driving force to fully revering and embracing a life of adventure.

I created Lilly Wild, because over the last couple of years I have had this massive feeling bubbling up inside of me that I needed to create a women’s adventure community. I know it’s weird, but I couldn’t ignore this feeling any longer and so I went on Escape The City’s Startup Tribe to learn how to build a startup.

Before setting out on Lilly Wild what were your doubts/fears/concerns and how did you overcome these?

My biggest fear was quitting university and starting a life that went against the grain and the expectations of my family. It’s the scariest and best decision I have ever made, but it got to the point where staying was even worse. I also had a life coach at the time who gave me a lot of support, which helped massively. He made it less scary.

I haven’t had any doubts, fears or concerns about building Lilly Wild. Plan B has always been adventure; either cycling around the world, freelancing, becoming a mountain guide and going where the universe takes me. I just know that it will work out in the end.


“I have had this massive feeling bubbling up inside of me that I needed to create a women’s adventure community. I know it’s weird, but I couldn’t ignore this feeling any longer”


What is the main thing you have learnt (about life or yourself) from this experience? 

I used to think I was really organised, great at balancing things and loved routine. I now know I’m awful at all three things! I am not organised, can’t stick to a routine and am always doing too much. However, I’m working towards improving all three.

I’ve also learnt that you should only really listen to yourself concerning the direction you want your life to go in – take other’s opinions with a pinch of salt.

What would be your dream adventure and why – and why haven’t you done it yet? 

Ahh I have so many!! At the moment it’s riding across Mongolia. I’ve ridden for three weeks in Mongolia with a tour group, but I want to go solo or with a friend. I haven’t had the time yet, but it’s in the pipeline. Lilly Wild has taken over the moment, but I’m planning to go in 2018.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Do what you love – my headmaster Dr Seldon. I didn’t understand it at the time, but now I do… just 4 years later!

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three thing would you have with you and why? 

Oh this is hard! I’m an avid podcast listener so something I could listen to these on, my dog Rolo and a surf board – I really want to learn!


To feed the adventurous sole, check out Adelaide’s website Lilly Wild, which is currently featuring a Christmas giveaway. You can also become part of the Lilly Wild tribe via Twitter and Facebook

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