You are incomparable

“There is no competition for you as you are unique.”

These were the wise words from a connection during an interesting conversation at the end of last year.

He had asked me to consider starting a podcast or webinar to share my story and tales of adventure.

I replied saying I had some interviews lined up for other people’s podcasts but I wasn’t really sure about starting my own because there was so much competition out there.

And that’s when he dropped the wisdom bomb 💣

“Just Remember… There is no competition for you as you’re unique and you’re your own competition to yourself.”

And my head went a bit 🤯

Of course, 🤦‍♀️ I was comparing myself to all the other epic people out there who already had podcasts and was forgetting the fundamental truth…

That everyone of us is different and is at a different stage of our journey.

There is nothing to compare.

Our greatest asset is being ourselves – who we truly are, NOT who we think we should be or who we think others think we should be.

We are all unique, amazing and totally awesome just by virtue of being us.

And because we are unique we are incomparable.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing or where they are in their journey.

Because that’s not you.

And it doesn’t have to hold you back.

You are right where you need to be on your journey and you are awesome.


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