How to break through the “I can’t” to the “I can”

You know what it’s like.

There’s some goal you want to achieve but you just don’t think you can.

You think of every reason and excuse under the sun. You think of all the what ifs and fears and doubts. You latch onto that feeling of anxiety.

You just think you can’t do it.

But you’re stronger and more capable than you think.

You can break through the “I can’t” and turn it to an “I can”

Focus not on why you can’t.

Focus on why you can.

Think about:

1) All the epic stuff you’ve achieved before

2) All the tough times you’ve got through before

3) All the previous times you thought you couldn’t and then you did

4) All the times you’ve faced your fears and not only survived but thrived.

That’s why you can.

Because you’ve been here before under a different guise and you were victorious.

And deep down you know you can.

You are stronger, more resilient, more capable and more amazing than you think you are.


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