You are incomparable

“There is no competition for you as you are unique.”

These were the wise words from a connection during an interesting conversation at the end of last year.

He had asked me to consider starting a podcast or webinar to share my story and tales of adventure.

I replied saying I had some interviews lined up for other people’s podcasts but I wasn’t really sure about starting my own because there was so much competition out there.

And that’s when he dropped the wisdom bomb 💣

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Days 77-82 of #WalkNZ – the canoe journey down the Whanganui River

20190120_161012Whoever said paddling down the Whanganui River for six days was going to be easy was lying.

Either that or I missed the memo about what this New Zealand Great Walk canoeing journey from Whakahoro to Whanganui was really supposed to be like.

And for someone who is not only a novice but who has a slight fear about canoeing and kayaking, and who had to do a course prior to starting the 3,000 Te Araroa trail down the length of New Zealand, this fact is not exactly a minor detail. Continue reading