My top 10 most read blog posts for 2017

As 2018 gets underway, here’s a quick look back at the 10 most read blog posts during the past 12 months from my blog. It’s a snapshot of what went on in my life in 2017. 

Interview with adventurer Laura Bingham

The British adventurer talks about the call of adventure and her resolute belief that everything will work out OK.


10 reasons I love New Zealand

Returning from a month-long trip to New Zealand, I remind myself why I love the Land of the Long White Cloud.


Here’s the plan for the trip to New Zealand

A breakdown of the itinerary for the month-long trip to New Zealand.


Highlights from New Zealand in pictures

Stunning photos of New Zealand at its best.


Kit review: how to have a “sardine experience” in a tent

My take on the two-man Zephyros 2 Wild Country tent by Terra Nova.


An adventure into the New Zealand wilderness

A three-day hike in New Zealand’s Nelson Lakes region results in awe, isolation, vertiginous trails and a dodgy river crossing.


Is that the impending sense of failure?

Hit by the failure to climb two volcanoes in New Zealand, I dissect the feeling of being a big fat failure.


Third time lucky: I finally tick off volcano number seven

The pohutukawa-covered volcano Rangitoto Island marks volcano number seven in my #40by40 quest.


Volcano number 8: the accidental volcano

It turns out Scafell Pike, England’s tallest mountain, just happens to be an ancient volcano. And I just happened to climb it without realising.


I don’t believe it…

Bad luck hits again and volcano climbing is cancelled.


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