Be proud to be YOU!

“Why would you want to do that?”

That was the response I got from someone when I told them I was planning on taking four months to sail around the coast of Great Britain with my fiance in a 28-foot boat.

They said it in the tone of voice as if they thought I was crazy. Out of my mind. Bonkers.

Maybe I am.

Or maybe I’m just unique. Different. Quirky.

Maybe I’m just being me. And embracing it.

What this person thinks is based on their perspective of life, their beliefs and the stories they tell themselves.

They won’t necessarily align with mine.

And that’s OK.

Because we are all different.

There is no right or wrong. Just different.

And what others think doesn’t define me. It doesn’t mean anything about my abilities or what I’m capable of or whether I’m more or less worthy.

We all think differently but inside we all have the same power and awesomeness.

Don’t let the differing opinions of others take that away from you.

Be different. Be bold. Be you.


PS – you can grab yourself a copy of my fiance’s ebook about our sailing adventure on Amazon here.

PPS – if you’d rather stay on dry land and England’s Cheviot Hills seem like a spot for a walking adventure, I’ve published an ebook guide for newbies to the area, which you can purchase from Amazon here.

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