What comes first – bravery or action?

What comes first – bravery or action?

So often in our heads we think we need to be brave or confident before we can take action – I need to be more confident before I ask that person out on a date; I need to be brave/confident before I go for my dream job or start a business; I need to be brave before I can speak out on these controversial topics.

If we think like this we start looking for answers outside ourselves, we start looking for what can make us brave or more confident.

Like, a new lipstick will make me feel confident. More research and experience will make me feel brave and so on.

But it doesn’t work like this.

If we keep looking outside ourselves for the solutions, we’ll think we’ll find an answer and then find it comes up lacking.

And that might be enough to keep us stuck and to hold us back from taking action or progressing.

But the answers and the source of confidence and bravery are inside us – always.

Our capacity to be confident and brave is just a thought away.

But the other truth is, you don’t need to feel brave or confident to take action or go after your dreams.

You can take action in spite of your feelings of not being brave or lacking confidence.

Because you are more amazing than you realise.

Go get them tiger!


PS – need a motivational speaker to point to the truth of how our minds work and bust some myths? Then lets talk.

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