Small steps to success

It’s all about the small steps and taking the next one.

When I first set out walking the length of New Zealand, the whole concept was so huge and overwhelming and I was filled with self-doubt and worries about what ifs.

It proved to be pretty paralysing for the first couple of years I toyed with the idea – and consequently talked myself out of it.

But once I finally tied up my laces and hefted my giant pack on my back I tried to focus not on the whole journey and destination I couldn’t see (aka the future) and rather on taking the next step in the now.

I knew there would be hard times, when I was in pain or my lungs were screaming and my head was shouting stop.

But I told myself if I could stand, then I could take a step. And if I could take one step then I could take another.

And if I kept taking steps then I could get there.

Focusing on taking the next step took my attention away from the scariness and overwhelm of the whole.

It’s no different with life – It’s all about taking small steps when we want to follow our dreams – and we have the strength and courage to do just that (even if we don’t think we do).

If you can stand today, what’s your first step?

PS – If you’re interested in hearing about my learnings from walking the length of New Zealand and need a motivational speaker then drop me a line.

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