Your dreams are waiting

The girl stood on tip toe on the narrow knobbly rock, one hand holding on for dear life, the other reaching for the ledge above.

The ground plummeted some 5 metres below.

Her friend holding the ropes sat not far above her, urging her on.

She had about one metre left to climb. She just needed to get over the ledge, the tricky obstacle in her way.

I watched her attempt from a nearby crag, mentally willing her on. I’d been in similar situations, stuck on a rock face, a hard move ahead of me, not sure of whether I’d make it, unable to see where the top was.

From my vantage point I could see how far she had left to go. But from her position under the ledge she couldn’t see her destination. She couldn’t know how close it was.

She tried and tried. I heard her crying. I heard her shouting she couldn’t do it. And then she gave up.

She back-climbed down to the bottom (which if you’ve ever rock climbed can be very perilous).

I was gutted for her. She had been so close.

This story is a great analogy for life and goals.

The moral is: There will be obstacles along the way to achieving your goals and dreams and you never know, that next obstacle might be all that is in the way between you and success.

But if you give up now you’ll never realise that.

So, don’t give up. Your dreams are waiting.


Pic is of me from several years ago. Unfortunately those climbing shoes are gathering dust.

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