How to take a leap into the Great Unknown

“So, how are you feeling about your big sailing adventure?”

That’s the question I’ve been getting as the countdown to the start date of the big sail around Great Britain gets closer – just nine sleeps now!

And my answer?

Excited but scared.

Excited because of the challenge and the adventure and all the cool things I’ll see and all the fish n’ chips I’ll eat (because I do love a good fish n’ chips).

And for the experience and the learnings and how I’ll grow as a person. Not to mention four months off work.  

Scared because I’ve never sailed for more than a handful of days, I don’t really know what to expect, I might not like it, and anything could go wrong.

Basically, I’m about to take a leap into the great unknown.

And the unknown can be scary – if we focus on the bad stuff that might happen. You know, the what ifs.

But the thing is, good stuff might happen also. We tend to forget that.

Because we’re too busy catastrophising and focusing on bad things that might happen.

Which also might not happen. We tend to forget that too.

The unknown can be scary if we let it. Or we can see it for what it really is – infinite possibility.

Because anything could happen.

And some of it is likely to be damn fricken good because:

1) you grow when you challenge yourself (ie stepping into the unknown) and

2) there is always a positive in every obstacle or setback if we look for it (and sometimes even when we’re not looking).

So, are you taking the leap or are you letting fear hold you back?

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