Day 134 of #WalkNZ: Decision Day on the future of the walk

After injuring my leg I’v been forced to make a big decision on the future of my walk on the Te Araroa trail down the length of New Zealand.

Watch the video I recorded here on my Facebook page.

It was a hard decision but the right decision to make.


Thanks to everyone for your support.



8 thoughts on “Day 134 of #WalkNZ: Decision Day on the future of the walk

  1. Hi Katrina.

    I’ve just spent most of the day so far reading books about the Te Araroa trail (because I have been inspired by your walk) and then came across to your site to see how you are getting on.

    I welled up watching your video – such a strange reaction given that we don’t know one another! I think you’re making a great decision. Good for you. The trail will be there another day and you can return to New Zealand healed and refreshed and ready to take it on. Sometimes it takes more strength and wisdom to know when to stop than to just plough on, causing long term injury. You clearly have that strength and wisdom.

    All the best for your remaining time in New Zealand.


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    • Thanks Bob, I really appreciate your comments. Maybe I’ll see you on the trail next year if you start then. All the best with the research. Any questions you might have on the trail just drop me an email.


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