Sailing round Great Britain route

It’s getting real now!

Under three weeks until my partner Mark and I set off sailing clockwise around Great Britain.

This is a map of the tentative route but subject to change, depending on weather, tides, time.

Putting it down on paper is when it starts to feel real. It’s no longer up in your head. It’s out of it, out there.

This trip is both exciting and scary and I’m being bombarded with feelings of worry and self-doubt.

But starting is always the hardest part.

The good news is we can take action in spite of our fears, worries and doubts. We can take action even if we think we’re not good enough.


Because we are stronger, more capable, more amazing than we realise.

Stepping outside our comfort zone is when the magic happens.

#ownyourawesome #SailGB

And don’t forget to donate to SafeLives, a UK charity that works to end domestic abuse. You can read why we’re fundraising for SafeLives here. And you can donate here .

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