6 thoughts on “Video: Rest day thoughts

  1. It’s all good. Rest those busy feet, rest that restless mind. Read a bit of Catherine Cookson from the smallest public library in the world… Stuff happens and you are dealing with it really, really well. The feet will heal, the weather will clear and you will carry on being amazing.

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  2. You’re doing great! The achievement is to walk the distance, not in a set number of days, right? So make sure that you look after yourself so that you can do the distance.
    Ultra-runners are very experienced with handling blisters, check this out: http://www.badwater.com/university/blister-care/

    I remember Paihia well, spent a lovely few days there in a hostel bunkbed and met two crazy Italian lads who ended up following us (3 girls) around NZ for the next few weeks lol we couldn’t shake them off……watch out, you too might pick up some overly-friendly backpackers.


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